Preventing Early Onset of Alzheimer’s by Learning French the Hard Way


So I probably won’t die just yet but when the lady from the sleep study first told me on the phone that I stopped breathing 82 times during the night sometimes up to 34 seconds and that if I didn’t get treatment in 10 years I could have a long list of health issues like Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure and memory loss I was grateful that I would get to do another study so I could try the CPAP machine but that was before I would cry out to God in the middle of the night to free me from the tiny dark cave where the technician hooked me up and glued me to the wires and abandoned me with only a small breathing hole- at least that’s what it felt like.

Now Friends, generally I am not really a complainer. Two years ago when a doctor slid a tube down my throat before a group of eight interns in a tiny beige room a couple weeks before my four hour thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid carcinoma and the doctor told me I did a really good job as he slid the tube back out; I told him- “But I could have done so much better.”

But the air in my nose at night gives me panic attacks.

I am determined I will not pull the mask off tonight. I am positive the memory loss is kicking in especially after reading this article.

Maybe I should avoid online medical articles for a time.

You know that sensation of losing your marbles when you walk into the kitchen to get something and then you can’t remember what you were going to get? This is happening more and more. I recently said to someone “I know, I really want to do that yesterday.”

Life can be stressful I know, sometimes too much is going on at once.

Relaxing breathing exercises, French, and Psalm 23- I’m gonna beat this tube.

Avec amour,

Sleepy, a.k.a. Dormeur

P.S. Research gems pop up all over the internet.

P.S.S. Now that I’ve gotten this publishing thing down I hope to post in the moment.

P.S.S.S. Now that I’ve starting writing more after 46 years of thinking about it, I hope to post my advice column soon for young writers or for people who need advice about anything from how to avoid allergies or their mother-in-law or the PTA or the job market. Feel free to ask here anytime. Se habla español.


4 thoughts on “Preventing Early Onset of Alzheimer’s by Learning French the Hard Way

  1. dear sleepy,

    i’m writing to ask you something for one of my friends. definitely for one of my friends who wants to stay anonymous. even though my friend could have signed this letter with a fake name, and been anonymous that way…listen, i tried to explain this to them. anyway, as long as we’re clear, this letter is most definitely, 100% certainly a question for a friend of mine.

    see, this friend of mine, she really wants to write. and not “be a writer” like the idyllic novelist who writes hunched over an antique typewriter by their floor-to-ceiling window in their little cottage on the shore in new england — she knows that’s totally not how it is. because i mean, really, who does that?

    but she really wants to write. but she doesn’t know how. instead of writing, she spends her time staring at the computer screen, maybe watching her candle flicker, hoping that something she hears from her open window will be *it* — her inspiration — and she’ll know exactly how to write to change the world. it’s kind of pathetic, really, but i don’t have the heart to tell m—her….that’s its probably not going to just come in through the window. so she sits.

    don’t get me wrong, she can totally write when she has a prompt. she can even sometimes write something that she’s kinda proud of…kinda. but probably not if its supposed to be fiction. i love this friend of mine dearly and all, but really — not too many original creative thoughts seem to spring out of her.

    but! not all hope is lost for my friend. she knows there’s plenty of (way more practical) ways to make a living on writing — but where does she start? she thinks about the world, all the people who need help, all the communities that need to be brought together…but she doesn’t know where to start. she thinks it’s powerful stuff…something something pen sword something….but it’s hard, too. hard to know where to begin, hard to know how to start being heard…so, i’m writing to you dear sleepy, for my friend (yes…absolutely for a friend); what do you think she should do? how should she start? what is her first step? i had to ask — you are an esteemed blogger, and she is merely someone sitting at home, watching her jelly jar candle turn to liquid, waiting.

    yours truly,

    a friend of a friend


    1. Dear “Friend” of a friend,

      Tell your “friend” that she appears to be struggling with self doubt. She should. She should wake up every morning and the first thing she should do is doubt herself and then she should keep writing.
      And remember the old adage, “You can give a writer a pen and he won’t write for a day, or you can give him a fishing pole and he’ll write for a lifetime.”
      Tell her to stop sitting around and go fishing.

      P.S. If you are the voice of a fellow writing student please don’t tell the others about the favor I asked.


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