Overcoming Sleep Apnea by Learning French the Hard Way



The art work posted comes from Grandma’s closet where I have stored parts of myself from high school and college. (Various media ranging from acrylics, oils, charcoal,  lithographs, screenprints, intaglios and eggshell reliefs.)

But this family portrait was a precious gift from my oldest son. He’s 17 now. New mothers know that happy, anxious, sleepy fog from having a newborn- mine has never gone away. I’m the one with glasses.
photo (37)

Any medical documentation on this site is given by a highly qualified hypochondriac. Some pictures were taken in medical places. How exciting! My first blog posts and my first selfies.

photo (27)photo (28)photo (34)

Ron and Victoria had me in stitches.

photo (36)

photo (35)

Too much excitement in one day. In the morning I visited a French class at the local university and in the afternoon I got to pick up my CPAP machine and tubes for inhaling air into my nostrils while I sleep. (I played hooky from my job where I was hired as a Spanish speaking babysitter- something to do with keeping 30 middle school kids in a classroom until the county can locate a qualified, certified teacher- I heard they need 40-60.  Back in the day my first Spanish teacher, a Cuban immigrant who taught few grammar lessons, infused and injected a desire in us to know the language by teaching the chicken dance and telling stories of Cuba. I hold her personally responsible for my 9 year stay in Mexico. The students keep telling me Spanish is too hard-I realized I have always thought that about French.)

So I wrote Professor M. before the snow kept giving me excuses and he had given me permission months ago to visit a class so I could see if I wanted to enroll next summer. I have been listening to French CD’S and falling asleep to Vincent’s Youtube French lessons- Vincent works wonders for insomnia. But the true test will be if Vincent can lure me to sleep when I have the sensation of being smothered to death.


I asked Profesor M. if language teachers frown upon students who audit a class. He said no.
First achievement unlocked- summer French class?

Second achievement still in process- I must not die while sleeping.

Third achievement- I must make sure my daughter knows to organize an art exhibition in case I don’t make it long enough to post here. But since she is only 14 she was totally grossed out by a nude portrait.

Fourth achievement- Stop loading my life’s frustrations on my kids.




2 thoughts on “Overcoming Sleep Apnea by Learning French the Hard Way

  1. Tu sitio es muy interesante y dinámico. Me gustan mucho las imágenes, lo inesperado, y – sobre todo- ¡el humor de tu estilo! ¿Francés? Felicidades.

    Liked by 1 person

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